Friday, October 30, 2015

Vorrak, Level Two

Oh, The Video Game Fanatic.  Can't you leave ANYTHING to the imagination?  Is there no whimsy left in your world?  Must every last detail be documented and stored on some hard drive somewhere?  Yes.  Yes it must.  For much like the "mine" depicted in Dvorak... Vorrak... it's all about data collection, and Information Retrieval.  And passing the savings on to the taxpayer.  All necessities provided, all anxieties tranquilized, all boredoms amused.
Speaking of which, level 2 of Vorrak looks a little bit like the first level.  So you're probably asking yourself, well, surely there's some sort of algorithm that can make the storage and retrieval of the maze shorter and faster?  Probably, but it probably didn't happen on the Atari.  There was no Zip utility as far as I know.  No simple, fast way to store something in a three-dimensional array, and they certainly didn't plan it so that you could save your game state to take it up later on during the day.  No, this was the barbaric old days where you had to power your way through a game the first time... well, then again, we did have the pause button.  Usually the space bar.  See, it wasn't all bad.  Boy, remember the first time you were able to pause Pac-Man?  Mind-blowing.  And besides, level two is so worth it, because you go from regular "Emerald" to POWER Emerald, which can get you about 100 more points!

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