Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Emergency Bug Report -> Candy Crush

...still?  Good Lourdes.  What is it with me and that game?  Anyway, I found a bug, so I've decided to not keep it to myself.  Actually, they've already gotten about 80,000 emails complaining about it, so who cares.  So, on level 1295, there's apparently a conflict that the programmers never thought would come up... surprise surprise.
And I actually never knew this before!  So, you've got the Frogtastic frog, and it can ride around on those conveyor belts.  Never happened before... (I'm pretty sure)  BUT... you might ALSO know that chocolate can't grow onto the conveyor belts!  So level 1295 begs the obvious question... say you've got growing chocolate next to the conveyor belt, and the Frogtastic frog comes by.  Will the chocolate grow over the frog, even though it's on the conveyor belt, thereby causing the whole system to grind to a screeching halt, leaving you with the only recourse of pressing the red Abort Game button?  BINGO!  I know, I know, I must hate those poor overworked JavaScript programmers over there at "King", but I'm confident that at least the most senior one will find a way to patch that all up.  Worth every penny, those people are.

(11/1/'15, Sunday, 5:40pm) Just checked... nope, still haven't fixed it.  Or maybe I'm just using an older, previously cached version of the game.  Yeah, that must be it.

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