Monday, February 27, 2012

Atari Emulator ---> Amazing

I can't remember now! Was this an Antic magazine game or a Compute Magazine game? I'm thinking Antic. Let's find out...Antic, of course! As we all know, Antic was exclusively devoted to the downfall of Atari, as opposed to Compute! which was all-inclusive, and featured Matt Giwer before he became an angry, racist a$$#ole. I'm assuming it's the same one. I won't even bother to link to his site. It's got over 200 hits by now, I'm sure! Anyway, it seems like only yesterday that I was typing in Amazing, playing it, and deciding that OSS's Action! was way more awesome than Basic XL. Not that Basic XL wasn't fast as well, and made player missiles more fun to manage. There's also that rat game, but I want to get to Diggerbonk before it's time for the Daily Colbert Wacky Fun Hour.  65,535 points be damned!

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