Monday, February 27, 2012

Atari Emulator ---> Jaw Breaker (II) by Chuckles

While I wait for my love potions and milk bottles to be created in FarmVille (6 hours), why not wallow in the mud of nostalgia? Up next: Jaw Breaker (II) by Chuckles. Hardly a reason to save the state in this one as it's just pure, unadulterated maze fun. Like the music, too. A simple pleasure for a simple mind. Of course, there's a way to hear the whole "power pill" music: I think you hit 'Option' (f2) or 'Select' (F3) after eating a power pill. After a while, the game gets too fast, and we all know that the Atari emulator can't handle going slower than 90% speed. At least, mine can't.

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