Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Atari Emulator ---> Donkey Kong

Welp, looks like another losing downward oscillation in the ongoing battle that is Tetris Battle. I just clearly don't belong at Rank 28 at this time. Too many movers and shakers on the make. Guess I better shell out for the fresh "tuning" to make the game go faster. Does it actually make my computer faster, or just slow everyone else down? Kinda doesn't make sense to me. So, why not take a break from that and devote my valuable time to Donkey Kong mastery? Thanks to my handy Atari emulator, I'm able to get and save a perfect game every time. I'm up to level 12, round 1, with no Marios lost yet. Decided I should stop at 500,000 points... seemed like the perfect meaningless milestone to call it a day upon. I can't risk losing a single Mario, as they tend to go in pairs. After I lose the first one, the second one's not too far behind. Same as with Pac-Man. You score 100,000 points with your first Pac-Man, but then on your next life you eat three dots, the key appears, so in your fevered anxiety you go for it right away and immediately get clobbered by Clyde on the way up there. Okay, time to watch TV with mom.
 Okay, time to test the bounds of this whole Blogger thing.  Wordpress could handle it just fine!  Tee hee hee.  Just kidding; I never use Wordpress.  I don't care how easy it is to set up.  Anyway, nobody likes a slacker, so I took care of that thing that was nagging at me last night.  I got to a million points in Atari Donkey Kong!  And not a moment too soon.  As you can see, the system's not totally robust yet.  Why, look at that high score!  And look at my score! (on the right).  Back down to zero and I gots t'start all over?  Sad.  Very sad.  So nerdy.  But that was the Atari for you: any more than six digits and you get an Error 141 in Basic... something like that.
The only other brilliant observation I have is that... boy, that level with the pies is my least favourite.  At some point, I just tried to get through the damn thing.  It's not even as hard as the arcade version: the Atari doesn't have the retracting ladders at the top.  No, we must look to the Post Office level in Synapse's New York City: The Big Apple for that... I think that was the one.  KONY 2015!

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