Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Atari Emulator ---> Ant Eater

In my case, the expression "simple pleasures for simple minds" is all too true. Take Eddy Fries' 1982 game Ant Eater by Romox, for example. Variation on Dig Dug, you actually play the ant that's doing the eating, not the anteaters that try to get you. The anteaters here aren't much bigger than you, maybe about twice or thrice as big. But you can outrun the anteaters on a clear stretch, not while digging. I probably didn't last that long, but for some reason I remember really getting into this game, trying to flip the score. Hope I didn't get THAT into it! Maybe it was the music... I'm assuming it's Bach, and on an Atari, the most memory-intensive part of the game.

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