Thursday, February 23, 2012

Atari Emulator ---> Oil's Well

Continuing with the anteater-esque theme, another digging game in which you act like an anteater's tongue tunneling underground, but vulnerable to baddies. You can eat them with the grabber thingie, just not with the pipes you leave behind you. There's no spilling oil in this oil well game, which makes it rather unrealistic at that. On top of it all, there's these two glowing cup thingies. The grail helps you by slowing down the action, and the test tube-looking thing... no, more like a beaker. Let's just call it a bong that glows the way Atari things tend to do. If it touches the mouth of the pipe it kills you. You only get one power pill per level, so make the most of it, friends! I used to play this one too much.

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