Monday, February 20, 2012

Atari Emulator ---> Diamonds

And of course it's The English Software Company's version of Dig Dug. Oh, but Dig Dug's just not the same game in Graphics 1. Gotta be in Graphics 15, with full player missiles! A chance the program will crash. Now THAT'S the only way to play a game, especially one involving subterranean tunneling. But the score's low enough: four digits. Just the sort of thing to encourage prolonged playing in an attempt to roll the score. I don't know which came first, Diamonds or Dan Strikes Back, but they wisely dispensed with the character names in Dan Strikes Back, making it just a bunch of stuff you've got to avoid. And not all the Diamonds characters made the Dan Strikes Back cut. So much for more is better! And when you have a computer as limited as the Atari was, more was always better. Okay, back to my FarmVille bonsai trees.

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