Friday, March 30, 2012

Atari Emulator ---> Air Support

Garble-dee-goo, I'm wearing a shoe. Man, these images take forever. Well, I should've left about an hour ago, but there's so little to do and so much time. Take Synapse Software's classic battle simulation game, Air Support. You know, I believe our military's still using it to simulate battle conditions in Afghanistan! Believe me, they could do worse. Of course, there's so many different variations of gameplay, that I felt compelled to count them. Way WAY more than the Atari 2600 Space Invaders, I tell you what! We got a choice between Arcade and Strategy game play, so that's two. We got 7 Game Numbers. We got 16 different selections of enemy to blast (250,300,350,400,450... up to 999). We got three speeds, three thicknesses, choices of airlift, bomb, airlift AND bombs, or none, so that's four. Finally, we get nine different choices of blue robots, whether we want as little as 16 or as many as 144. So, altogether, that's 72,576 different variations of gameplay! Why, if you played one a day for the rest of your life... well, let's put it this way. Social Security would DEFINITELY be broken in that world. Probably. As for me, I usually stick with Arcade play, 999 enemies to kill (even though it consistently takes me 15+ minutes to play), and slow slow slow. I tried the fast, but it's just very VERY tough with the enemy guns constantly blowing you out of the sky and all. Seems like your crashing helicopter should take out a couple bad guys just for good measure, but no, they're tougher than that. I gotta go.

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