Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Atari Emulator ---> Androton

I grow weary of these grid-based games. Or... not weary enough! Usually with maze games like this, where the maze is a series of dead ends, the problem is there's no leg room for big arcade action. Androton addresses some of these faults by pitting you against slow-witted... I'm assuming they're called Androtons. They almost deliberately pick corners of the maze that you're not in. I have yet to be killed deliberately by one of these things. Stranger yet, the round ends if the Androtons are covering up some of the "dots" you have to collect! A flaw in programming, or deliberate? I'm thinking deliberate, because they do reappear after an Androton steps over them. Basically, this is a glorified Pac-Man clone minus the fun. But it disguises its intentions pretty well. I'm assuming Mushca thought it had some merit, as they show the game screen... well, the menu screen looks like the game screen, but they did play the game a little bit... about one second into the game, but still!

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