Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Atari Emulator ---> Ghostbusters

Time for another great quest to begin. (I forgot to add a line about waiting for Bill Murray to sign on to the third installment which is apparently filming soon...) What's nice about the Atari emulator is that you can have the perfect game. So often in Ghost Busters the big green trap door DOESN'T catch the ghosts like it should... but not now! And so much time is wasted trying to find and driving to the flashing pink building, waiting for it to turn red... but not now! However... I do forget how we face the final Marshmallow Man obstacle... I think you need to have enough points. Time to find out!!! I'm about halfway there
5:45pm - Okay, I still can't get my new account number to work. I've found a few websites out there that post name/account cheat codes, but they don't work for the Atari emulator. PHOOOOOOEY!
6:02pm-Never mind, got it to work. I thought my name was "Spengler,Igon" when it was actually "Spengler, Igon". Duh!! And now that I reflect upon it... I'm NOT giving you my account#! Nyaah, nyaah....................................................................
12:38pm - Just beat it twice, got more money, got a longer account number, but really, what's the point at this point? I guess this is why I'll never be rich, but wow! What an econ lesson. I guess the lesson is: better stuff. Gotta get more, better stuff. I've got the fastest car, the portable containment system (that STILL needs to be emptied out every so often) Alas, the game's limited in that regard. No subfranchising for you: you gotta do all the doity woik. There's the law of diminishing marginal utility in there somewhere, I know it.

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