Saturday, March 24, 2012

Atari Emulator ---> Whomper Stomper

Boy, ants have got it tough. And the majority of video games aren't helping, either. Take Whomper Stomper, for example. I never had a copy of it for Atari proper, but I heard things. Any game featuring actual human voices would usually come highly recommended, even Castle Wolfenstein to an extent. Still, I can't help but disappointing that aardvark quite a bit. The ants keep stealing his pick-a-nick basket! Reminds me of those old Ant and Aardvark cartoons................... never mind.  The following hyperlink to YouTube no longer works due to a copyright claim by MGM.  And seeing as how they're now a defunct movie studio, that's kind of surprising to me.  Doesn't Warner Bros. own all those cartoons now?  And Columbia's making all the new James Bond pictures... sorry, mixing blogs again.

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