Sunday, March 25, 2012

Atari Emulator ---> Picnic Paranoia

Now, I don't care just what you do, if you wanta have a picnic, that's up t' you. But don't tell me about it, I don't wanta hear it, 'cause, see, I just lost all m' picnic spirit... sorry, listening to too much Dylan again. Wow! Real humility lesson courtesy of Tetris Battle tonight. I obviously didn't deserve to be at Rank 35, as I made it all the way back down to 30, but I'm just now starting to claw my way back. So I thought I'd take a break and revisit Picnic Paranoia. I shoulda figured it was a Russ Segal... the use of random notes when the ants move the food... I guess that's the only hint. Maybe the use of multi-color player/missiles for the giant bee 'n man. Of course, the Atari computer didn't cause striping like the emulator does! Reminds us of the vertical stripe days not so long ago. I figured right about one thing: I flipped the score by round 14, but only because I cheated a little bit.

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