Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Atari Emulator ---> Dandy

In his wisdom, Palevich left part of Level E inaccessible. It's like that movie with Bruce Lee and Kareen Abdul Jabaar... I mean, WHAT'S ON THE NEXT FLOOR OF THAT HOUSE?!!!! We'll never know. How it nags at the brain. But ultimately, I think it's just another area of hearts and monsters, with some food. Unfortunately, the dungeon editor eludes us now, but apparently he's a bigshot programmer at Microsoft, and there's a version of Dandy in C++ or F# or whatever the hot young language is these days... Python? FudgePun? Us mere mortals need the dungeon editors, because the levels that come with the game are a little thin, especially the second half. Lots of levels of cursive handwriting of all those phrases that meant something to Palevich and Palevich alone... and really, isn't that what all video games are about? Trying to get your old girlfriend back by impressing her with your video game writing abilities?

Level K: P. Down
Level N: NHII17 '83 / JG MT HA ETC. / IHTFP!!! (Google this one)
Level O: there's probably a hidden message in the maze... you look for it
Level P: Hackerjack? Palevich
Level Q: question marks
Level S: (aquarium theme!)
Level U: (switchback theme)
Level V: half tribute to Imagic game Cosmic Ark...
Level W: Moco, Nova, DC, PG
Level Y: The End!!
Level Z: Heaven

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