Thursday, June 16, 2011

Atari Emulator: Cosmic Glob(e)

Ah, I vaguely remember playing this on the Atari emulator. See, for those of you who remember, getting the rainbow effect in your own program was a big pain in the... I was never able to do it, anyway. Not without pulling Atari's groin. Don't know how Activision was ever able to do it, and hold it still, but God bless 'em! They built a whole company around it.
Anyway, this is the kind of game I just love. A shoot 'em up actioner where you're forced to make tough choices. And you always gotta keep moving. Moving in those eight old directions. If you shoot the two things in the center of the screen, the glob is instantaneously rejuvenated. Much like the last level of ... Gorp? The glob has a nougaty vulnerable center that you must shoot your way through to get at. But watch out for the deadly C floating around the screen! Sometimes it turns into a U, or a backwards D with the stick missing, or a giant lowercase n. You get the idea. Also reminds me of the big final spaceship you have to shoot at with a missile in Time Pilot 84. Love that game. It's forever enshrined on celluloid in the movie The Last Starfighter... but it's hard to play that way. Gotta get my PC arcade emulator up and running again! Vista puts the kibosh on it. And much like Gridrunner, Cosmic Glob(e)'s Level 30 is basically virtually impossible. Not only that, the glob leaves horizontal lines in its wake! Holy malfunctioning Player/Missile, Batman! I gotta go...

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