Sunday, June 5, 2011

Facebook-->GameDuell-> Jungle Jewels

What is it about pairing three gems in a row on a grid that's got the gaming community so excited? Why, I ain't played good ol' Jungle Jewels in many a moon! Or a month. Damn. Gotta wait 16 more minutes before my carnation perfume in FarmBook is done. Also, I'm close to 750,000 gold pieces, which means I can finally expand my British farm for the last time. Don't want to spring for the 100 farmville cash to go all the way, but that's just me, the cheapskate gamer. But back to Jungle Jewels. The song is still the same, that's always good. Brings back all those memories of frustration. I didn't think I'd be able to complete all four levels, but I just barely did, and I played one last game so I wouldn't feel like I'm some kind of game junkie, playing only until I win. I lost that last one.
Welp, that's about it for Jungle Jewels. Back to the homework...

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