Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jewel Quest III: The Good One

Would they kill me if they knew? While I struggle to get re-interested in my thesis, I can't help but waste some time with some diversions. I recently delved back into the seamy underbelly of HP Games. I played a little Jewel Quest 1, but got intrigued by Jewel Quest 3. That's the plain vanilla JQ3, not JQ3 Solitaire, or whatever the hell other variations there are. Too many. Alas, I've already maxed out my free play. It'll cost me $6.99 to invest in a JQ3 all for my own. Dare I?
I dare not. Why, they should be paying ME, damn it! Anyway, I've got more Tetris Battle to get out of my system. I yearn to be at the point in my life where I can buy the 7-day ticket and play practically indefinitely. Alas, my social contacts simply won't allow it. My day's already subdivided into discrete units that belong to customs such as meals, gym and school attendance, and TV watching. Play Tetris Battle for seven days non-stop. The very idea! Why, my eyes would probably go completely bleary! They're a little bleary right now. I don't know exactly why. I thought I got enough sleep. Guess not. Okay, back to the games.

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