Thursday, June 16, 2011

JV Software---> Action Quest

Gotta get my JV on. Love the whole dorky trilogy: this, Ghost Encounters and Journey to the Planets. Like most people, I only recently figured out how to finish that pesky last level on JttP... damn! Still can't remember how to do it. If I was REALLY good I'd look for a link to it right now... ah, God bless YouTube. This is the one I always had trouble with. How do you capture video like that?

9/21/14 - Let the overanalysis of Action Quest begin!

Level 1 - similarly complex like the Level 1 room of Ghost Encounters.  Wonder which came first?  Notice the sound goes down here, while in G.E. it goes up.

Bountiful Bullets - similar to Bombs Away, except they go side to side instead of making it rain.
Bountiful Bullets -> Disappearing Doors.  So, B.B., D.D.  Good double bill.
Boxed In - Not as good as "Caged In" from G.E.  You gotta do all the work your own damn self!
The Magic Touch - Ah, I remember it well.  You gotta shoot the prize out of the way, you see......... why, they oughta call it...
Looks Too Easy - It basically is.  The only trick is that enemies appear after you get the prize, and the time goes kinda fast.

Level 2
Two Roads - Even Robert Frost would... hate this level.  No, it's good.  Better be fast, though!  The time goes far too quickly.
Two Roads -> Fortified Faces.  Kinda like "Always One Left" from G.E., only a little less strategy involved.
Radioactive Room - Here's a twist.  A prize that shoots at you!
He Can Disappear - That's what she said!  Anyway, yes, I guess it's a variation, technically.  One of the baddies that comes sailing at you kinda strobes on and off.  Otherwise, a pretty normal level.
Too Many Doors - Should've spelled doors with a 'z'

Level 3 - The couch potato theme continues
What Do I Do In Here - That's what he said!  Seriously, though, another puzzle.  Kinda like "The Right Order" from G.E., except you are now the bullet.
What Do I Do In Here -> You Earned This One - what a reward, too.
Speedy Little Devils - Kinda like "The Other Way" from G.E., except it's little devils and not whole walls, they don't come at you as fast, and they keep reappearing until you leave.
What Prize - Glory, of course!  Opposite of "Looks Too Easy" from... A.Q.!!
Push Em Back Push Em Back - A variation on "The Other Way"

Level 4
Can't Take This Away From Me - Pushing the length of room names again!  The way we danced til 3... another unique take on things: the bad guy's holding the prize!
Sliding Wall - reminds me of that Slalom game for the 2600... Street Racer?
You Have To Work On This One - It's "Well Guarded" all over again
You Have To Work On This One -> Why Can't I Shoot - That's what he said!  I got a million of 'em
He Only Looks Dead - Geez.  Nice name.  Variation on "Always One Left", but with one bad guy.

Level 5
A Puzzle To Unlock - Kinda like "Beat This One," but stuff doesn't disappear.
A Puzzle To Unlock -> Hurry Up - Seriously, hurry up!  You get like, five seconds to do it.
Diagonal Dilemma - ...I'm sorry, that's "Dilemna."  Love it.  Well, there was no spellcheck for the Atari, basically.  Reminds me of that game for the 2600... Combat!  The tank game!  Love it.
Apparently, this one doesn't have the randomness of "Sliding Wall," but it's still the toughest level for me.  Oh, why do I always give my secrets away like that?  My vulnerabilities?  If you want to get me, just come at me diagonally.  I'll roll over like an ol' bitch dog getting its belly scratched.
I Gave Them Guns - An ode to the NRA, clearly.  The enemies disappear a second and a half after you hit them, but they keep firing until they disappear, so look out.
A Puzzle To Unlock -> P Stands For Prize.... and it really does, too!  Kinda like "Looks Too Easy," except the baddies are the same shape, and they come at you right away, albeit slowly.

Kewl!  I got "Expert" and "Wizard" rank!

Atarimania link to the JV Software trilogy

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