Monday, June 6, 2011

Lunar Leeper 'n friendz

When it comes to video game plots, is there anything that's more of a pain in the ass than saving the human race? Choplifter, Mike Potter's painful Protector series, and this. Lunar Leeper. God, I love this game. Doesn't work quite as it used to in emulator form, but never mind. Round one is such a bore. Round two goes so quickly, but as the game progresses they at least try to make round two as unendurable as round one is. This is one of those games in slow, grainy Graphics 8 that used the slowness of drawing the graphics as its clock, so if there's nothing going on on the screen at the moment, the action speeds up and gets crazy fast. But there is an ecological component to the game, which I like: you can't just run through and blast all the bad guys, as much as you'd like to, as it means loss of later reward. But as the game progresses and you lose more and more ships, I suppose it's a temptation and a necessity. All right, back to the homework... after I do my FarmVille chores! My carnation tea's almost done!

...oh, and the "music" sounds like Dangerous Dave.  Right?  No easy way to compare it, except maybe on YouTyube...yup, they got it

Lunar Leeper on YouTube
Dangerous Dave on YouTube

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