Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Atari Emulator -> Electrician

I just wanted to get this image of David Bunch's Electrician since it kinda matches my blog background. Laterz!

2/13/15 -  Guess I didn't talk about this one a whole lot.  I just wanted to say that, while I personally didn't hack Electrician and distribute it on the grey market, I did manage to write a program to look at the file I did get, and there was a short message buried deep within the mix of STAs and LDAs that said something like "IF YOU'VE HACKED THIS GAME, PLEASE SEND A DONATION TO DAVID BUNCH" with an address somewhere in California.  Alas, I wasn't enough of a computer geek to actually do it.  Very few of these guys became Sid Meier, unfortunately, but who knows?  Maybe he's doing well!
Also, one of the things you might not know about this game (and probably don't care, more likely) is about the alligators in the sewers.  All you have to do is avoid their mouths.  Pretty easy to do.  Much easier than jumping over the scorpions in Pitfall 1.  By far.  And every time you walk over an alligator, it will stop... then start up again after about three seconds.  Now, if you do this enough times... they get hella fast!  One of the reasons I love this game.  Maybe I'll try that with my emulator version now.  I got some down time!  Can't bring myself to study for my big accounting test on Wednesday, apparently.
9:21pm - ...okay, it takes about 80 times.  SO worth it, though.

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