Thursday, April 26, 2012

Atari emulator -> Charles Eggleston

Well, I need to hit the hay here pretty soon... man, do I have a headache!  I'd like to say it's got the next game written all over it, but that's only half right.  The game is of course less formally known as "Chuckie Egg."  I sadly never had it when I had an ACTUAL Atari 8-bit computer (you know, 400, 800, 1200xl, what have you) but if I did I'm sure it'd be a sure-fire favourite.  Along the same lines of Brew Biz, Ghost Chaser, Ollie's Follies, except you can fall far greater distances... and you have to!  Just don't fall to the bottom of the screen, or run afoul of the fowl... tee hee hee!  To score points, you have to grab all the eggs, and as many of the piles of feed as you can.  The chickens themselves eat the feed which seems fair to me.  I don't know why.  Maybe if they were alien creatures from another planet, sure, I could see the need for competition...........
(later that evening) ...I LOVE this crazy-ass game!  Everything has a purpose... I almost hate to spoil it, but seeing as how the game is nearing its 30th anniversary, I might as well.  See that duck in the cage in the upper-left hand corner of the screen?  Well, much like the same boring old final giant ship in Time Pilot '84, once you reach the upper pantheon of Charles Eggleston levels, the duck... the goose is loosed!  Tracking you like a bat out of hell going for some tasty bugs, that giant damn thing follows you around the board like stank on a monkey.  And then, once you complete the complete cycle of eight levels, back come the chickens!  I have to try to get to level 25 now; maybe there'll be nothing at all!

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