Monday, April 23, 2012

Atari emulator -> Monkey Magic

Yecch.  Finally made it past level 1, though!  As SNL's Coffee Talk's Linda Richman might say, Monkey Magic is neither magical nor about monkeys.  Discuss.  You play an avatar with some sort of environmental affective disorder.  If you touch the bat, the wizard, the snake, or the thing crawling along the bottom of the screen, (and "crawling" is being very, very generous) you will be killed.  If you venture too close to the "edge" of any branch, you will be killed.  If you jump and grab onto a rope, and grab it wrong, you will be killed.  If you're lucky enough to get past this first level, you apparently become the green Silver Surfer and surf the Chinese mountains for the rest of forever!  Too freaky even for me.  At least Crypts of Plumbous has some structural integrity to it.

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