Sunday, April 29, 2012

Atari emulator -> Hazard Run

Well, I'm not getting shuffled out of the house yet, so let's do one more game.  As I stated before, I am an icon whore and what is Dukes of Hazzard if not... icon-ish?  At least with the Hazard Run game, it doesn't exactly look like the confederate flag on top of your car.  My friend and I used to play this more than we should have.  As the user at Atarimania says, "poor graphics and poor control of your car don't stop this from being a fun game."  The same could arguably be said of that dune buggy game... Baja Buggies!  That's it.  You just can't crash as fast as you can here in Hazard Run.  And as you can tell, the characters for R,U and N are used for the police car, for those of you who remember Atari 8-bit font schemas... guess that's all one can really say about it.  I gotta go.

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