Thursday, April 19, 2012

Atari emulator -> Joust (the original Angry Birds!)

Now we're talking!  Gotta like Joust.  What a fanciful notion, doing battle with knights on birds...  Damn, I shoulda got a screen capture when I managed to kill the pterodactyl.  I swear I did it... of course, I was just in "skilled" mode.  I don't like a really tough challenge, unfortunately for me.

5/29/'15 - Damn.  So, to flip the score in Joust, I gotta score TEN million points!  Also, I rely far too much on bouncing off the top of the screen, then bouncing back down to hit the bad guys.  On the other hand, when it's all blue birds, they kinda bounce a lot off the top of the screen too!  You shoulda seen this one egg bounce... oh, look at me.  Getting all excited about the wrong things in life.  AGAIN.

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