Monday, April 23, 2012

Atari emulator -> River Raid

From a programming / engineering point of view, River Raid fascinates me.  How do you get an infinitely different playing field into 8K?  Polynomials, apparently.  This is how I know I'm not a genius.  But River Raid is certainly a metaphor of our time.  American imperialism going up the longest river in the world, with fuel pitstops getting less and less frequent.  They all seem like toys from afar, until they pop you like a balloon.  Even the balloon pops you like a balloon!  The jet planes, the firing helicopters, the shooting tanks... but where's the treasure?  Do I need to roll the score at ten million?  Usually these Activision games have a finite score!  Take HERO, for exam... back to that one again!  Ah, $crew it.

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