Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Atari emulator --> Gauntlet

I don't like the new Blogger format... oh well, I'll get used to it, then begin to wonder how I ever did without? Yeah, it's times like this when you're up way WAY past your bedtime, the Tetris Battle energy's completely empty, and you slowly begin to realize that your Master's Degree isn't worth the paper it's printed upon................. it's time to play some video games. The heavy drinking will just have to wait, so why not revisit another old Atari classic? Some think of Gauntlet as that cool multi-player game where you shoot stuff, eat stuff and collect stuff... not me. I think fondly of Donald Lebeau's 1984 shoot-em-up classic also called Gauntlet. You shoot stuff, and collect by doing a good job and not getting your spaceship all damaged 'n sh.. stuff! I tend to slack off on the ship damage in the 40+ levels, as you can see from the pic. Well, when you're near the end, you gotta let something slide... wait, that can't be right.

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