Saturday, April 14, 2012

Atari emulator--> Tetrix

Ah, there it goes.  Still getting used to the new Blogger.........  oh, Tetris Battle.  How you let me down.  Well, it's probably time for me to call it quits anyway.  Drained another energy abscess, and I've fallen from my lofty perch of level 38 all the way down to 25.  To make matters worse, it seems that someone's hijacked my game play again.  The game play pauses, the piece moves extra columns over... could it be?  All I know is that any self-respecting arcade gamer needs responsiveness from their game.  I'm not feeling the love, Tetris Battle!  So why not return to the Atari emulator of my roots, sort of?  I thought I saw a tetris clone or two in the 'T's... in fact, I did!  Tetrix just might do in a pinch... diskette 42, Muchsa... nah, too much of a learning curve.  The trigger (the '0' key on the keypad) is what you use to rotate instead of the arrow up key, etc. etc.  I can't even remember what keys I use in Tetris Battle, for Gawd'z zake!  My eyes are getting bleary.  I better get to bed... after one more blog post.

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