Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Atari Emulator -> Another bunch...

Night Mission Pinball - Damn. I forgot: one needs two joysticks to play this game. Might as well just stick with Windows "3D" Pinball

Carnival Massacre - Never played that one, but who wouldn't be in favour of any video game involving a massacre of some kind?

Tank Commander - Love that game. Great theme song. However, seems like one can overuse that air support... or not enough. One of those two.

Kid Grid - Don't care for Kid Grid like I should. Too many Amidar clones as it is. The ad for Kid Grid in Antic Magazine is better than the game. Look it up sometime!

Amphibian! - Too weird

Rally Speedway - Another classic from Adventure International. Love the font.

Shamus Case 2 - Somehow, not as fun as the original. Different, that's for sure.

Popeye - Ah, Popeye. What good times we've had.

Jumpman Jr. - Classic... although arguably not as good as original Jumpman. They did fix some of the rope climbing and elevator riding problems, but... am I the only one who noticed? Probably.

Atari Olympics (Hypolym II?) - Not as slick as Activision... maybe that's its strength!

Bubble Trouble - I don't ask this often of my video games, but... WTF?

Fantastic (Voyage) - Not fantastic enough... but I do like that 2600 retro stuff

E.T. Phone Home - Better than 2600. Good puzzle game, what can I say? Stretch those brain cells a little, for God's sake!

Topper - Not to be confused with Tapper; looks like another QBurt clone

BC's Quest for Tires - Am I the only one who still likes Johnny Hart's BC? Probably. The video game, not so much lately.

Pitfall - I hate hate HATE HATE HATE those scorpions! Hate 'em.

Crazy Scooter - Not as good as Dodge 'Em

Chess - God, I hate chess. I know I shouldn't, but man. Hate it. Bloodless sadism, as someone once said

Super Cobra - The names they give helicopters these days...

Eastern Front - Nice scrolling, but too much planning, not enough action. I'm an action man

BiodefenSe - Classic game play

Megagun - Too silly

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