Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Atari Emulator -> Repton

Awright, let's get some blogging done. I'm still kind of a sucker for Repton, this Defender clone from Sirius Software. It's probably the best thing Sirius has done... okay, except maybe Cyclod and a couple others I haven't played. Wavy Navy I have played, their take on Galaxian. Silly fun. Moogles I tried to play, their take on Ghost!. Not as good. I do like their 2600-style stuff: Squish 'Em, Fantastic Voyage, Fast Eddie, Turmoil, even Final Orbit to a degree. I hate the fact that Final Orbit keeps ending prematurely. Probably for the best, though.
The thing that gets me about Repton is that they've got all this defensive shield stuff, yet it's STILL not enough to protect me. I guess it doesn't help that you can only move when you're firing bullets. Sure doesn't help me, anyway.

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