Saturday, October 29, 2011

Atari Emulator -> Mr. Do's Castle

I'll get my act together here in a minute. But before I do... damn, 30 minutes to 9 o'clock pm. When 9 hits, that means I gotta get to my fresh Farmville chores, and my Tetris Battle chores. Anyway, Mr. Do's Castle, the game that begs the philosophical question: what good is trying to get an extra life in a game you don't want to play in the first place? Oh, to be sure, it's got its merits. Those bad guys are sneakier than they look! They always seem to find the roundabout way to come and gitcha. For some reason I prefer that Mr. Do game where you get to roll those steamroller thingies and smash the beasties. Mr. Do's Landscape? Alas, but the Atari 8-bits aren't terribly able when it comes to complex real-time gaming. Why, even Mr. Do's Castle strains the medium in its own limited ways! If you play the game too long, the bad guys start to multiply by two every 20 seconds or so, and any Atari expert will tell you that it's already bad enough with one player and five bad guys. Why, they're not going to look glittery and translucent by any chance, are they?

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