Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Atari Emulator -> Another bunch...

Awright! Got that out of my system... sort of. Pac-Man Jr., Tank Commander, Jumping Jim... think I've had enough of Jumping Jim for one lifetime. Back to the list

Salmon Run - Kinda fun! Makes you feel like a fish

Starfire - Lemme tell you something: spaceship lasers shouldn't sound like Demons to Diamonds. This is serious stuff, not a day at the carnival.

Monkey Magic - Welp, I tried it. I tried and tried to get as many of those things as I could... Maybe I didn't try hard enough, but I feel like I did. As David Mamet once quipped, people need to get along and get ahead. I did neither with Monkey Magic.

Slinky - Passable Q-Bert clone. For a Cosmi game, I guess it's what one would call exemplary.

Cyclod - For the clod in all of us. Hunter Hancock got to level 21!

Panama Joe - It's Montezuma, damn it! Montezuma. I played the $#!t out of that game back in the day

Killa Cycle - I have yet to beat Killa Cycle.

Preppie! - Another classic Frogger variation. Used to load it off of a cassette tape back in the day.

Preppie! 2 - Bore-ring.

Richard Petty's Talladega - For a Cosmi game... actually, this one's pretty good! But I have to move on now...

Behind Jaggi Lines - Oh, I just hope George Lucas doesn't find out about this game

Claim Jumper - Dog Daze with cowboys

Adventure 3: Mission Impossible - Well, if it's impossible, I won't even attempt it.

Space Cadet - If the aliens want people that badly, they can have 'em.

Plattermania - The devil's bargain, indeed: you can score a billion points, but you have to do it playing Plattermania.

Titan 1 - Not as good as Caverns of Mars, and harder to play. Great combination.

Asteroids - Another instance where the 2600 version is superior. Go figure.

Castles and Keys - Interesting, but not idiot-proof, especially the level they're showing. For instance... what if you can't reach the door because THE CONVEYOR BELTS SIMPLY BLOCK YOU?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reversi - A game I almost can win

Cross Fire II - Looks a lot like Cross Fire.

Super Soccer - I don't care if it is super, I still ain't playing it

Tetris - No offense, but it's a pretty crappy Tetris. Try Tetris Battle instead!

C64 Boulder Dash - No offense, but it's a pretty cr....

Jr. Pac-Man - From the maniacal programmer what brung you the Atari cartridge version of Ms. Pac Man, comes Jr. Pac-Man. Accusations of violating child labor laws rocked the Pac-Man community, and the citizens of Pac World couldn't help but ask: why is the child asked to eat three times the dots the adults are? And no exits? For shame! At least have vertical exits if you're worried about scrolling issues and the carpal tunnel syndrome that might result...

Captain Milly - It'll always be Captain Beeble to me. Captain Beeble stole my virginity first.

Think + Work - No thanks, I'm playing video games here...

Beamatron - No thanks. Chess in futuristic disguise. Yicch.

Mountain King - From the maniacs that brought you K-Razy Shootout... I haven't figured out how to play it yet, but so far it seems to be an underground version of Pac-Man.

Star Raiders II - Also known as The Last Starfighter. Classic!

Saratoga - Great. More Eastern front-esque action. SHEESH

I'm skipping too many, aren't I? Oh well. Okay, let's see how many pages this takes up...

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