Friday, October 7, 2011

Atari Emulator -> Congo Bongo

Still waiting to get 5 million coins in FarmVille so I can expand my damn British farm. I'm up to exactly 4,260,070 so far. That's about 84%, right? Well, I know that tomorrow about this time I'll get an extra 200,000 or so from all my trees, so 15 days from now I should be at my goal, provided I don't plant anything. Too many features to that game, too many. Gotta lay low for a while. Wonder if they're ever going to have Pink Carnations again. I've got 68 bushels of them that I've been saving. That's part of the FarmVille beauty.
But let's put a foot in the past again. Oh, Congo Bongo, how I missed you so. Two levels of increasing difficulty. How those two monkeys didn't manage to throw me off the ledge I'll never know. Guess I didn't play long enough this time. I used to have this on cartridge, of all formats! Isn't that crazy? Hope I didn't shell out $34.95 for that... crap, someone's at the door...

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