Sunday, October 16, 2011

Atari Emulator -> Drol

The giant lobsters. The bouncing snakes. The monsters from your closet. The flying magnets. And knife after knife after knife... Ah, it's been a while since I dwelled in the world of Drol. And poor Aik Beng had to go back to their day job programming in Cobol at IBM after he or she got screwed by Broderbund. How many more have to die? But Broderbund's not even getting the last laugh. Do they even exist anymore? ... apparently they do. Their web site is a couple steps above being one of those sites that says "What you need, when you need it." The days of Lode Runner are far behind them, sadly. Now they're merely helping Bill Gates usher in the next wave of communication: talking to your computer, literally, and telling it what to do. Personally, I get winded lifting my arms. Now I'm going to lose my voice too?
But back to Drol. I'm so spoiled now. It used to be you'd have to wait for the next level to load. The ol' Atari disk drive's a tad slower than today's drives. Now it's lost all meaning! Instantaneous loading. Well, maybe I can get used to it, what the hell...

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