Saturday, October 22, 2011

TI99 Emulator ---> Munchman II: Digital Boogaloo

Sad, isn't it? Another task to do. Apparently in Mafia Wars 2, you have to wait every 10 minutes to collect monies from your casino. Why not? I'm just doing it to get to level 5 to get $1 million chips in Zanga Poker... and it better work, too! Meanwhile, I'm waiting on farmville crops, so why not dive back in to the seamy underbelly that is the TI99 emulator? I kinda like the Tournament mode of Munch Man II. You only get one life to squander there. Gives you a feeling of carpe diem! We don't get enough of that these days. I live every day as my last. I spent three hours today working on funeral arrangements...
...and remember! F9 is the "Back" key. Redo... I forget.

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