Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Atari Emulator -> Another bunch...

Time to dive back into the list.

Kissin Kousins - I know I should be thrilled about this game, but for some reason I'm not. Same with that Gossip game by the Eastern Front programmer

Jaw Breaker - I've played that!

Blue Max - Another Synapse classic

Fort Apocalypse - A Synapse classic... I should like it more

Embargo - Frogger with spaceships?

Centipede - Classic. Especially when you get a nice set of two vertical lines of mushrooms that the centipede keeps getting caught in

Wizard of Wor - Classic

Mr. Do's Castle - Something depressing about that game

Oil's Well - Combination of Pac-Man and any number of games where you play an aardvark, and have to maneuver its tongue through a maze.

Chicken Chase - Can't do it...

Wall War - Not what you think...

Caverns of Mars - Forever enshrined in the movie D.A.R.Y.L. ... actually, the game may outlive that movie

Captain Cosmo - I did the math finally on this one. I'd have to play to level 67 to flip the score on this one... now, why on earth would anybody do that? Save yourself the trouble. Check yourself into a mental institution.

3D-Pac - These are never good...

Spy's Demise - Always seems more fun when you're playing at school

Wing Wars - I saw the documentary about this one!

Juice - Awful variation of Q-Bert, starring the avatar from Ollie's Follies / Ghost Chaser

The Princess and the Frog - Ah, yes... Just when the Atari fan thought enough damage was done with "Froggie"... there exists a sequel.

Frogger 2: 3Deep - Bloody classic

Alphabet Zoo - Looks like trouble, better not risk it

Ghostbusters - I forget how, but I finally started winning it

Bristles - Alas, Bristles, I think it's not meant to be anymore. You keep crashing on me every time I turn left... or right... Not good.

The Tail of Beta Lyrae - Insanity! Pure insanity. Even when I get to the part with the meteors, I STILL shoot at them, even though the economics of it doesn't add up. Insanity.

Xagon - Shouldn't we be playing this on our smart phones? I was going to say Gameboy, for god's sake. What's the new handheld game system now?

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