Monday, October 10, 2011

So little to do, so much time...

Oh, wait... Got that bass-ackwards, I guess. Welp, the deed is done! 5 million FarmVille coins, farm expanded... and yet, I feel strangely empty. Actually, after I did that, I re-arranged my home farm. I had a little ambiguity. Some farm plots were covered. Kinda like in that game Gubble where the last thing you have to unscrew is just around a corner you can't quite see. If it was Quake you'd get the full 3D effect. Something like that. But everything's in order now. All trees lined up, then the buildings, then the animals, and it's smooth farming from now on. There's a coupla bastards I got that I need to keep ahead of, for some reason... will I Ever get my life back?

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