Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Atari Emulator -> Another bunch...

Tapper - Never got into that one. It'd be perfect to play in a bar, of course

Snokie - Good double bill with Sea Dragon

Seafox - Love it, but how come the big fish always puts an end to the proceedings? What kind of a fish eats a submarine? What kind of a fish is LARGER than a submarine?

Dig Dug - I grow weary of Dig Dug.

Necromancer - I don't get it

Archon - Archon 2's a little more fun to me.

Boulder Dash - Classic

Boulder Dash II - Just as classic, go figure

Super Zaxxon - We've experienced a loss in scrolling quality in moving from Zaxxon to Super Zaxxon! Maybe that's for the best. I always thought Zaxxon moved too fast anyway. Another one of those games we would load in on an audio cassette. Crazy times.

River Raid - An infinitely different maze! How'd they do that? Okay, there are similarities, but still...

Protector II - Hate that game. One time I won on Level 6! No, seriously! I got all 18 people to safety... NO ONE PLAYS LEVEL 6. NOT EVEN MIKE POTTER HIMSELF EVER PLAYED LEVEL 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spy Hunter - Another game that relies on two joysticks... Then again, I think they give you a keyboard option... nah, somehow still not worth it

Jeepers Creepers - Where'd you get that Amidar clone?

Pooyan - I grow weary of Pooyan.

Frogger - Weary of Frogger, too. Seinfeld and all...

Joust - Classic

Hero - That's H.E.R.O. to you. Classic. Why, I even went to the trouble of getting a million points in the emulator version!

Atom Smasher - Meh...

Phobos - Meh...

O'Reilly's Mine - Meh... Did I ever tell you about the time I... ak, ship it...

Loco - Reminds me of that old Supertrains game. God, I miss MAME. Supertrains meets Moon Patrol.

Gridrunner - I remember seeing an ad in a magazine... Compute!, perhaps, saying that even the creator of Gridrunner can't beat it. As a one-time game maker wannabe myself, I know all too well that it's possible to make a game you can't beat, especially if it's like Gridrunner. Level 31's impossible, of course, but so is level 10, or thereabouts. It's a war of attrition, an unwinnable war of attrition, or collateral damage... one of the two.

Megamania - Brainless action from Activision... they don't usually go there!

Danger Ranger - There's something about its simplicity... I'll bet that that Rita Jay's a proud Christian...

Seawolf 2 - Never mind, I didn't play that one...

Quadromania XL - If you can figure out how to start the game, it's kind of a hoot! Just the pick me up I needed. There's probably all kinds of Flash versions of the same game on the web... someone else look for 'em for me, will ya?

Megalegs - Not bad, but I prefer my PC emulation of the arcade version of Millipede

Shamus - Classic

Missile Command - Traumatic classic

Stargunner - I used to program games in Action! I guess I never got to the part where you can compile the game and NOT have to use the Action! cartridge

Jet Boot Jack - Classic

Neptune's Daughters - Why did I play that game so much?

Donkey Kong Jr. - Not as good as Donkey Kong

The Bean Machine - Love that game

Cannibals - Kinda looks like Apple Panic to me

Adventure in the 5th Dimension - God, I hate these text only games. Zork screwed me up enough as it is

Gunfight - I used to play this with a friend for some reason! Just glad I didn't plunk down $59.99 for it, or some other ungodly figure

Up 'n Down - Don't like it

Star Wars - Sheesh... The Atari wasn't meant to handle games it couldn't handle, know what I mean?

Speed Puzzle - TETRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frogs & Flies - Love it

Night Strike - Love it

Gomoku - Hate it. Something sobering about being beaten by a 30 year old game

Droids - Too 20's art-deco for my taste.

Berzerk - Intruder alert, intruder alert...

Repton - Sheesh... I mean, like it!


Countdown - Love it.

Flak - Classic... actually, I don't care for it. Xevious was bad enough, but blasting that 6502 at the end is probably worth it.

Perxor - Well, it's almost 9pm, so I better take my meds!

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