Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Atari Emulator -> Boulder Dash

You know, if one looks at the 387 files at... mushca.com, (sorry, had to look it up) one will find that there's one particularly beloved game for the Atari and beyond. Pac-Man is probably number one, of course, but I dare say that Peter Liepa's Boulder Dash ranks a close second. So much so, in fact, that it's spawned several cheap knock-offs, and several indirect grid game clones that feature a Rockford-type avatar having to perform similar tasks, probably collecting keys for individual locks and such. Since when do keys and locks form a perfect organic system, I ask you? Why do both disappear when used in video games? Anyway, I've spent a good portion of today playing a particularly cruel spinoff of Boulder Dash called Pac Boulder, which just happens to combine BOTH Pac-Man and Boulder Dash: the graphics of Pac-Man, the game engine of Boulder Dash, and frankly, doing a disservice to both. But I am a fickle man, and grow weary of the same old, PLAYABLE mazes. I need a challenge! Whoever designed Pac Boulder sure loves those walls that grow, and uses them far too often as tricky traps. At least give people one dirt grid to attempt escape! I gotta go...

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